Michael Dinich is an advisor who works for Your Money Matters, an organization based in Sayre, Pennsylvania which specializes in retirement planning. Michael loves the challenge of coming up with creative strategies and unique solutions to his clients’ financial situations. To him, that is one of his favorite things about working in the financial industry.

Michael Dinich has noticed that many clients don’t realize all of the ways that they can save money in their personal lives. For example, choosing cost-effective health insurance or just simply restructuring their income. When money can be saved across various outlets, it can transform the future financial success of his clients. That is why Michael Dinich has made it his mission to educate his clients and help them save as much money as possible.

Before he worked at Your Money Matters, Michael served as a Medic in the U.S. Army National Guard. When that career ended, Michael was unsure of what to do next. His father was already heavily involved in the financial world and, after attending a financial conference with his father, Michael Dinich fell in love with the the world of finance. It only made sense that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and take a position at Your Money Matters.

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Throughout his career, Michael has realized there is one things that most of his clients have in common: they don’t understand the difference of investing in a financial product versus actually building out a strategy. There are far too many advisors who act as salespeople, rather than as people who have their client’s best interests in mind. After helping their clients select a product to invest in, they consider their work to be done. Because of this mentality, people are often conditioned to research the quickest route with the lowest amount of fees rather than finding someone who will work with them to strategize a truly effective path that can help them reach their financial goals – and then some.

To set himself apart in the industry, Michael Dinich prides himself on taking a different approach with his clients. He helps them understand why strategy is more important than a “quick fix,” and, therefore, has clients who work with him for years and see more success than they would with advisors who are just looking to send their clients out the door as soon as possible. Developing this strategy helps his clients to truly see how the changes they make in their life can be rewarding as they begin saving for life after retirement.

Aside from his financial passions, Michael Dinich is also passionate about the environment. For his entire life, Michael has been a very environmentally-conscious individual, always looking for new ways that he can help the environment. Since the advancements in renewable energy, he has dedicated a portion of his free time to researching new trends. Not only is it more affordable than ever before, but there are also tax incentives that have made renewable energy an attractive option for homeowners across the nation.


In particular, Michael Dinich favors the benefits of solar energy. Recently, he had solar panels installed on his own property that produce solar thermal energy and electricity. The energy that is produce by the solar thermal systems is used to heat the water that Michael uses in his house every day.